Multichannel Analysis Surface Waves

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The MASW software

The software MASW implements the previously described MASW method and determines the speed profile of Vs shear waves and, therefore, also the soil type according to the National and European technical regulation.The MASW 2 service drawing consists of 4 main stages:

  • Stage 1: entering of the soil experimental dispersion apparent curve or determination of said curve starting from the traces measured on site
  • Stage 2: numeric simulation of the soil dispersion apparent curve starting from a first attempt Vs shear wave speed profile (initial profile)
  • Stage 3: determination of the final speed profile of Vs shear waves, which optimizes the overlapping of the experimental dispersion apparent curve and of the numerically simulated dispersion apparent curve
  • Stage 4: seismic geotechnical characterization and soil type determination based on the final speed profile of Vs shear waves

Main aspects of the MASW software

  • It is easy to use
  • Consider fundamental and also higher modes of Rayleigh (up to 50 modes)
  • You can perform the inversion of the Vs profile by hand (trial and error method) or by automatic inversion
  • You can use the measured traces to calculate the experimental dispersion curve
  • You can input directly the experimental dispersion curve obtained by ambient noise or by using a harmonic source
  • You can calculate the average velocity Vs30 of the site
  • You can estimate the error of your results based on the uncertainty of the input data
  • You can deal with both normally and inversely dispersive sites, with strong stiffness changes with depth
  • You can consider the influence of the water table
  • You can fix the shear wave velocity of any layer of the ground
  • You can assign a range to the Vs of the layers of the ground model
  • The software is accompanied with scientific papers, a tutorial and a book of the author, which contains several applications of the MASW test and a simple descrition of the theoretical and experimental aspects of the method
  • You can download for free the book written by the author “Caratterizzazione geotecnica sismica con il metodo MASW”, italian version and “Geotechnical and seismic soil characterization by means of MASW method ”, english version. The book has been presented by Prof. Lo Presti Diego, professor of Geotechnic and expert of Soil Dynamics for several years at the Technical University of Turin (Politecnico) and now professor at the Technical University of Pisa (Tuscany).